Ervino Rieger


Brazilian-born pianist Ervino Rieger had his debut with orchestra with the Montevideo Philharmonic in Uruguay with the conductor Ligia Amadio. In addition, he has been working with prominent Latin-American conductors such as Silvio Viegas, Emiliano Patarra, Martin Garcia and Fernando Ortiz de Villate with GRU-Symphony, Porto Alegre`s Symphony and Botucatu Symphony Orchestras.

Ervino was the 1st prize winner at the WPTA Portugal International Competition, as well as the Young Soloists Competition of the GRU Symphony and Botucatu Symphony orchestras.

He is also the artistic director of a concert series in his home state, Rio Grande do Sul,  where he brings classical music to country towns. He has collaborated with violin and voice on many programs, and recently took part in a concert series at the Ling Institute and Vermelhos Festival.

Ervino is now pursuing his master’s degree at the New England Conservatory in Boston, studying with Meng-Chieh Liu. In Brazil, he studied with Eduardo Monteiro and received his bachelor’s degree with Ney Fialkow at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

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